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So with the recent release of Wes Anderson’s new film Moonrise Kingdom I was compelled to rewatch pretty much all of his other works. I have always been a massive fan and love the of beat way its filmed with brief animated/stop motion parts on a lot of his films.

all Anderson’s films are great in my opinion in particular Fantastic Mr Fox being brilliant along with the Darjeeling Limited, my favourite though has to be The Life Aquatic. Bill Murray has played pretty much the same role in all Andersons films and done it brilliantly, he has become Mr Independent cinema these days and his turn in Life Aquatic is one of his many top drawer performances.

One of the real stand out elements of The Life Aquatic is the soundtrack, which was played by Seu Jorge, who you may have recognised from City of God as Knockout Ned. The soundtrack is essentially early Bowie covers translated and adapted to portuguese and played acoustically in a classic guitar style. It takes a fair bit to top old Robert David Jones however these songs take on a whole new form in the soundtrack, a sort of tender melancholy gets brought to them.

Absolutely brilliant and if you havent already heard them they are well worth a listen or just rewatching the film, the soundtrack really adds something.

Team Zissou.